I was shooting product shots for my client.  My client has a bagel bakery and she asked me to take pictures of her product and create commercial ad to promote her bakery.
She shipped her products to my studio and I started working on her shots.

I took pictures of her products using my Nikon DSLR Camera, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, Westcott Lighting.
After my usual post-production workflow I sent to my client all of the edited files to review. She came back to me and said that now she wants to add coffee to-go to her bakery service. Sure, I can re-shoot some of her product with to-go mug, but I had sent back all the products to her already. We had no time before her campaign was  suppose to start . I know many of photographers would be in a panic situation at this point. "What can I do now", "I have no time" .... I know...
I was thinking about "how can I add the to-go coffee mug to her images?" I decided to add the to-go mug using Adobe's Project Felix.
I downloaded a coffee cup model from Adobe Stock to my 3D library
I opened Project Felix. I used my image as the background
I added material to it. It was so easy! Just one click on any material you want to use in the Assets panel.
I added a light. All with one click!
The last step in Project Felix is to Render. I specified the file location and chose Render quality "Highest"
After my Project Felix finished rendering my file I opened this file in Adobe Photoshop CC
I had the coffee cup as a separate layer(s) so I started working on the finishing  touches.
A few minutes later my image was ready to be delivered to my customer (she approved this image).

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