After getting new flooring in my home studio I was anxious to test my setup after putting everything back together. My puppy "Lisa" was willing to be my model as long as treats were provided. This was my first pet shoot. Pets are a LOT harder to work with than people 😊. I'm very happy with the results. 
The first two shots here are the ones edited so far.
Now for a behind the scenes look at the set and the unedited shots:
One of the keys to this shoot was having a shutter release so that I wouldn't have to be behind the camera the whole time. While there are three lights on set I only used one light (the main light) for the shots.
The biggest challenge was that Lisa HATES sitting on seamless paper. 
The only way to keep her attention and keep her there was the promise of a doggy treat.
She would take the reward and then run off the set to enjoy it. This meant having to get her in position all over again each time.
If the treat was provided fast enough she would bark/howl!

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